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The Pio Manzù Centre is an organisation enjoying United Nations general consultative status which operates to enhance awareness and knowledge of economic and scientific issues of crucial interest for the future of mankind.

The challenges of the new millennium call for a profound change in the mentality and psychology of human beings. What they require is a fully fledged spiritual revolution

Mikhail Gorbachev, Chairman of the Scientific Committee

Mikhail Gorbaciov
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Consultative status with ECOSOC, United Nations

The Pio Manzù Centre wishes to thank the NGO Branch of teh United Nations in New York for the appreciation expressed for the contributions made by the Pio Manzù Centre, being regarded as “one of the most influential organisations of the global civil society” and is pelased to post on its website information about the benefits of consultative status with ECOSOC and how to apply for it.

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Predicting the evolution of global scenarios

The Pio Manzù Centre has been recognised by many as a ‘World observatory of contemporary civilisation’ owing to its ability to predict the evolution of global scenarios and its innovative approach to the analysis and understanding of problems based on the complementary nature of knowledge. Alongside its promotion of public awareness through international meetings, the Institute has also conducted research projects embracing numerous sectors on behalf of ministries, public bodies and industrial companies.

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